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The loss of extremely valuable pharmaceutical stock as a result of power outages or equipment failure is a relatively common occurrence. Typically, temperature monitoring is a manual process - therefore, generating alerts whilst an excursion or power failure is occurring is usually impossible.

In 2014 we reviewed what equipment was available and, satisfied that there was a need for more effective stock protection, a new company, Remote Monitoring, was formed. Reseach and development resulted in the RemoteM monitoring system, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Simple systems exist for monitoring temperature within the fridge for subsequent download and review; others operate wirelessly, with a probe in the fridge and a cable through the door seal to the monitoring device. However, these solely provide a history.

The downside of most existing systems is their inability to provide an adequate warning. Consequently, in the event of equipment failure, the fridge contents are lost if no-one is constantly reviewing the data. Therefore, supplies are at the greatest risk when the premises are unattended, for example weekends and bank holidays.

RemoteM automatically records the temperature, stores it securely to the cloud and generates alerts in the event of temperature excursion, equipment or power failure.

Save time & money with RemoteM

  • Avoid stock losses
  • Save significant staff monitoring time
  • Improve quality and compliance